Keep on the Borderlands

Troublemaker Nora

Nora, Blossom, and 2 mercs (including Bertram) make it back to the Keep where they meet Jody. After unsuccessfully practicing thieving Nora seduces her way out of prison.

Nora comes up with the idea of trying to get the soldiers to help out. Get shot down.

Pick up counterfeit gold. Re-equip mercenaries.

(-240 counterfeit gold.)

Head to the caves. Ran into a troll who ate a guy watching it. Went for Fallafel, saved Fallafel.

Take 40 GP out of bank to pay mercs. We have deal with guildmaster to go and kill all the hobgoblins.

We set off a couple of times to the valley of death, found a gnoll cave no one died.

Started messing with the kobolds, came back to join in the arena. About to face the queen but REALLY this is just a distraction.. Blossom is preparing to charm and seduce her way out of this one just like Nora…



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