Keep on the Borderlands


We looted the rest of the hobgoblin cave and then got back to town safely. Made a bunch of money. We decided to go for the gnoll cave next.

~12 ish gnolls leave from cave 10
At least 2 gnolls in the cave. One shoots and switch places to shoot.

Snowball plan:
We want to roll snowballs to the entrance of the gnoll cave. And then fill the vents with lamp oil.

Before we could get going… There was a cleric that wanted to join our party joined by two acolytes. Fallafel shook his hand with holy water and he flinched. The team went on a really convulted process of trying to douse him with holy water. We eventually gave up and gave Cengiz the look and he punched him in the face. Then Fallafel casted sleep and put the acolytes to sleep. Tied them up and then got Corporal Finn. We found out the holy water left blisters on him and his acolytes.

The guard took him and sfere and blossom to the keep.

The Caravan

Having celebrated their success with the orcs. The crew decided on setting up a trap by posing as a caravan in order to lure the hobgoblins into attack. It worked! Falafel casted a sleep which disabled most of the attackers. The crew executed most of the hobgoblins on the spot save one.

Blossom interrogated the last remaining hobgoblin. Intel suggest that the chief and a handful of guards are left at their dungeon with his wives are at their cave.

The group decided to head to the cave to find out.

[The below has not been committed to shamalamalog, but I am recording it since it’s stull fresh and in case we have any questions next session. A note will be made next log to indicate if we have.]

First Falafel and Nora scouted out the hobgoblin main entrance. It looked like it was boarded up and guarded fairly well. Plan B was to sneak through the old goblin cave and work our way through the trapped area to the boarded up entrance. We expected resistance at this point but met none. There was literally no other way out of this cave to our knowledge. While the group scavenged for supplies Falafel checked the storeroom for hidden doors and found one behind some crates. The group organized and we got ready to open the door, which led to another hallway. At the end of the hallway was another door. Nora went down to investigate the door for any traps. We got into position opened the door and immediately exchanged fire with hobgoblins on the other side. Falafel got to the side of the hallway and casted sleep down the hallway while our newest dwarf member whose name is too long for this writer to remember charged down the hallway. The sleep did a pretty decent job dropping at least 2 of the hobgoblins that were actively attacking the dwarf as well as two of the bigger guards in the room. As most of the guild soldiers flooded into the room, the big boss showed up with his wives. What would conspire here was about 3 hours of rolling until everyone was dead. Notable rolls were Cengis getting knocked down the stairs. The successful grapple. Nora making a dodge save 2 times in a row. Overall we were successful in killing all the remaining hobgoblins to our knowledge.

A nice day

We start by meeting Captain Cengis. Catch him up on all of our intel. Shallamalog.

In the morning we set out to rescue Bertrum. QoTA shares her tales of rat mastery on the way.

We get to cave 7, Nora and Fallafel find a trap at the door disable it or mitigate it, find sleeping orcs. Assassination and then Fallafel slept a bunch of orcs on the opposite hallway and then assassinate them. Captain Cengis rushes down the center embattled with the chief orc. We eventually kill everything loot the dungeon. We found Bertrum saved and saved him. We find silver and platinum and some gear. Barrels were mostly food and wine. We bring it back. And survive.

We take 49 Platinum, 17 electrum, 130 Silver to the jeweler and bank it. Party like it’s 979.

We sold axes to blacksmith for 16 gold (went to jodi) and large orc shield for 5 gold, and then 390 for plate mail, belt, bracelet, and sword (all jeweled).

Stupid Mercenaries *grumble**grumble*

(It’s been a long time log.. too long)

- Tricked the kobolds into getting killed
- Took over kobold cave and attacked by orcs
- Won by bribing them
- Got jacked by some thugs on the road
- Caught up with Magnus and found out ETA for reinforcements
- Went back to cave
- Watched the orcs hunt reindeer
- Bertrum and friend guarded home cave, got attacked by orcs. Bertrum is held captive
- Visited their cave
- About to mean reinforcements……….

Troublemaker Nora

Nora, Blossom, and 2 mercs (including Bertram) make it back to the Keep where they meet Jody. After unsuccessfully practicing thieving Nora seduces her way out of prison.

Nora comes up with the idea of trying to get the soldiers to help out. Get shot down.

Pick up counterfeit gold. Re-equip mercenaries.

(-240 counterfeit gold.)

Head to the caves. Ran into a troll who ate a guy watching it. Went for Fallafel, saved Fallafel.

Take 40 GP out of bank to pay mercs. We have deal with guildmaster to go and kill all the hobgoblins.

We set off a couple of times to the valley of death, found a gnoll cave no one died.

Started messing with the kobolds, came back to join in the arena. About to face the queen but REALLY this is just a distraction.. Blossom is preparing to charm and seduce her way out of this one just like Nora…

Off to see the wizard

Went to the death caves turned left. Explored the top floor. Ran into some dog guys, they ate up half our group. RIP MORTE. And we got 1.8 gp out of that. Plus what was on the bodies of our dead companions (51gp). Cost 40 gp for the mercenaries. Paid out of bank.

On the way out of death caves we saw some prisoners on their way to cave 4.

Deposit 150 gp. 4gp for new guy. 10gp for existing mercenaries.

Went back to explore. Found a the cache of stuff. Went downstairs. Got ambushed. Not everyone died. Shamalamala has been kidnapped.


The party entered the goblins caves once again. Ted set all the things on fire and snowflake killed 3 hobgoblins single handedly. In total 4 hobgoblins, died and 3 of us died. Snowflake lived and made it back to town.

- Deposited to bank:
149 GP
20 SP
Total value in bank:
469 GP (Previous 320 GP)
27 SP (Previous 7 GP)

The next group of adventurers headed back to the caves of death and destruction. Morte is now waiting in the tree.


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