Keep on the Borderlands

The siege

... and ghosts and stuff

The siege continued for a couple of days until finally we convinced the Gnools to fuck off and give us their stuff.

We went into their cave and didn’t find too much. Pretty much just scraps.

When we went into the pee room, we found a fireplace that didn’t have a chimney. Touching palms with the cave we found seams of a door. We put a torch down on an ash spot in the fireplace and a door opened. To be continued…

… Organizing a bit we entered the secret doorway. There was a hallway that had a slumped and mangled corpse. On it’s body there was a rotted leather pouch which contained 12 red gemstones. They did not appear to be cursed as far as we know. Further down the hallway was a door and lever. Opening it revealed a room full of ghosts and stuff. Fallafel closed the door and then got everyone out. On our way back to town a snow snake attacks and takes out a merchant. We were able to kill it and bring the head and some scales back to town.

Sold Items:
Armlets (130gp) +
Scales (10gp) +
Giant Snow Snake Head (25gp) +
Red Gems (12) (10gp each)
= 285 gp

We deposited all of this at the jeweler. After 4 days past Nora cleans Steelbeard’s room.



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