Keep on the Borderlands

The Caravan

Having celebrated their success with the orcs. The crew decided on setting up a trap by posing as a caravan in order to lure the hobgoblins into attack. It worked! Falafel casted a sleep which disabled most of the attackers. The crew executed most of the hobgoblins on the spot save one.

Blossom interrogated the last remaining hobgoblin. Intel suggest that the chief and a handful of guards are left at their dungeon with his wives are at their cave.

The group decided to head to the cave to find out.

[The below has not been committed to shamalamalog, but I am recording it since it’s stull fresh and in case we have any questions next session. A note will be made next log to indicate if we have.]

First Falafel and Nora scouted out the hobgoblin main entrance. It looked like it was boarded up and guarded fairly well. Plan B was to sneak through the old goblin cave and work our way through the trapped area to the boarded up entrance. We expected resistance at this point but met none. There was literally no other way out of this cave to our knowledge. While the group scavenged for supplies Falafel checked the storeroom for hidden doors and found one behind some crates. The group organized and we got ready to open the door, which led to another hallway. At the end of the hallway was another door. Nora went down to investigate the door for any traps. We got into position opened the door and immediately exchanged fire with hobgoblins on the other side. Falafel got to the side of the hallway and casted sleep down the hallway while our newest dwarf member whose name is too long for this writer to remember charged down the hallway. The sleep did a pretty decent job dropping at least 2 of the hobgoblins that were actively attacking the dwarf as well as two of the bigger guards in the room. As most of the guild soldiers flooded into the room, the big boss showed up with his wives. What would conspire here was about 3 hours of rolling until everyone was dead. Notable rolls were Cengis getting knocked down the stairs. The successful grapple. Nora making a dodge save 2 times in a row. Overall we were successful in killing all the remaining hobgoblins to our knowledge.



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