Keep on the Borderlands


We looted the rest of the hobgoblin cave and then got back to town safely. Made a bunch of money. We decided to go for the gnoll cave next.

~12 ish gnolls leave from cave 10
At least 2 gnolls in the cave. One shoots and switch places to shoot.

Snowball plan:
We want to roll snowballs to the entrance of the gnoll cave. And then fill the vents with lamp oil.

Before we could get going… There was a cleric that wanted to join our party joined by two acolytes. Fallafel shook his hand with holy water and he flinched. The team went on a really convulted process of trying to douse him with holy water. We eventually gave up and gave Cengiz the look and he punched him in the face. Then Fallafel casted sleep and put the acolytes to sleep. Tied them up and then got Corporal Finn. We found out the holy water left blisters on him and his acolytes.

The guard took him and sfere and blossom to the keep.



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