Keep on the Borderlands

A nice day

We start by meeting Captain Cengis. Catch him up on all of our intel. Shallamalog.

In the morning we set out to rescue Bertrum. QoTA shares her tales of rat mastery on the way.

We get to cave 7, Nora and Fallafel find a trap at the door disable it or mitigate it, find sleeping orcs. Assassination and then Fallafel slept a bunch of orcs on the opposite hallway and then assassinate them. Captain Cengis rushes down the center embattled with the chief orc. We eventually kill everything loot the dungeon. We found Bertrum saved and saved him. We find silver and platinum and some gear. Barrels were mostly food and wine. We bring it back. And survive.

We take 49 Platinum, 17 electrum, 130 Silver to the jeweler and bank it. Party like it’s 979.

We sold axes to blacksmith for 16 gold (went to jodi) and large orc shield for 5 gold, and then 390 for plate mail, belt, bracelet, and sword (all jeweled).



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