Keep on the Borderlands

A great misadventure

Jody the character goes on a date

Jody started off with more seducing Finn to get to a library for Sfere. Finn suggests that Steelbeard may have some books in his room. We ask Finn to see if we could borrow some.

In the meantime, the team gets a cask of oil as well as ordering of ire stones and other supplies from the merchant.
Later in the day Finn comes back to tell us no go on the books. We suggest that Nora cleans Steelbeard’s room, and somehow we convince Finn that it might be worth checking up on Steelbeard’s health. For the sake of the keep!

Later that night Nora gets permission to clean Steelbeard’s room.

Everything was a mess in the room, there was scribbling on the walls and the Jublecks symbol. There was also a lot of writing on the wall. Nora recorded this on her arm. (We found out later this was dwarven, referring to the “..Darkness between the stars.” The Jublecks symbols had a rays of light shining through it next to an eye surrounded by a series of constellations. Nothing was familiar except for a few local constellations.

There were a lot of books of local knowledge and all of them looked to be opened. Steelbeard was sleeping at his desk with an astrolabe in his hand. He was completely covered in robes so his face was not in plain sight.

His bedroom was a mess and in disorder and also the mirror had been broken. Nora made the effort to tidy this up. The sheets on the bed were moist. Nora also collected some gray hairs laying about.

Nora made it out successfully and reported back to the group.

Later that night, Jody in her plate mail goes and has dinner with Finn. They have a couple of bottles of wine, eh heh heh heh heh. Nothing else was said the following morning. (“IT WAS A VERY PLEASANT EVENING” -JODY)

On the way to the valley we hear squealing. We avoid it.

So on the way to the Gnoll cave to execute plan snow monster ver 3… We get ambushed by the Gnolls who were waiting in the nearby forest next to their cave. A battle ensued and we managed to push out way into the forest resulting in a melee. Eventually a majority of them retreat and we end up capturing 2 Gnolls. After interrogating them, we found out that the monster in the back of the valley has 4 legs that are sharp and makes a snicker snack noises. Also, it is important to note that feeding the monster keeps it in the forest in the back of the valley. If you don’t feed it comes out. So far the bugbears and the Gnolls have been feeding the monster. We killed the hostages and made our way towards the Gnoll cave when the remaining force comes back and runs into the cave. We then executed snow man plan, and started the siege…



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